19 Years ago today.......

I was walking up the aisle or actually walking into the registrars office. I could tell you we had a big celebration today or my husband brought my flowers or even fruit. It wouldn't be true. It was a Sunday like most others. The old man was working this morning for about 4 hours and then had a couple more lessons this evening. I did buy him a nice steak for his lunch but I am still waiting for my reciprocal present (19 years of experience would seem to suggest that I can wait as long as I like but there wont be anything coming my way.) I took the opportunity of a quiet day at home though to get a bit more sorting out done around the place. I have advertised a few things on Freecycle and filled up another bag for the Sally Ann plus my recycling bin is full to capacity but the house looks better for it and within another few months i think we will be quite pleased with the place. It takes so long as I tend to re-arrange and even paint as I go. Emails from Freecycle have already started arriving!

I began developing a new habit today of which I am rather proud, and also rather ashamed not to have done before. I pre-treated some stains on my tops with stain treatment! Normally if I get stained clothing they get relegated to the work drawer (for wearing whilst decorating or gardening rather than for wearing to work). However I now realise that this stuff does actually work and I can get considerable more wear out of some of my clothes. My washing is looking a lot better generally;y actually since Rhonda on down to earth wrote a little article about washing a few weeks back. My whites might even be coming off the line white soon!