The best laid plans

I had plans for this weekend. Saturday for cleaning at the house and on Sunday to do the old mans tax return. Instead of which we were at the animal rescue to check out the new kids in town at 10.30am. Unfortunately the place doesn't actually open until 11.00am (it says 10am on the internet,honest)so not a romping success. Then I decided to pop into the farm where we buy the meat as its just around the corner from the rescue centre.We could go straight away and be back by 11. The old chap decided we would wait and of course by the time we had checked out the dogs, none of whom were happy with cats in the house, I had forgotten about the farm and I didn't remember until we were about 5 miles in the wrong direction. I can wait a bit longer rather than add 10 miles to today's journeys.So,to the gas station to put LPG in the car. LPG has gone up 3p per litre since we last filled up 10 days ago. We converted the car to LPG because its greener and cheaper and also because the engine is supposed to last longer. I hope this is true as the price of fuel isn't such a of a bargain at the moment. Then we came home and I cooked and cleaned the floor right through. I got some washing do and hen some dishes and by then the old man was back from work. After we had lunch I did some work on my laptop at the table whilst my husband beat the kids at backgammon, quite impressively.

So now it is Saturday night, the house isn't clean, I haven't finished the washing and the dishes aren't quite done yet (some pie dishes are soaking in the sink). It isn't even quiet as my eldest son is playing electric guitar downstairs. I haven't prepared anything to start on the tax return for tomorrow.

It wasn't the day I planned but it was quite enjoyable after all. Perhaps sticking to your plans whatever comes along isn't always the best thing. I think I will use my plans just as a guide.

A couple of good things though. Both boys asked if we can have the new Hot & Spicy recipes for dinner this coming week. The eldest requested Chicken with Basil and the youngest asked for Thai Curry. Also this evening my sister told me that they have garlic and onions for planting in the 99p shop, and packet of six vegetable seeds (packets of six packets not packets with six actual seeds)also for 99p. I will pop down there tomorrow as its always too busy to visit on a Saturday. Looks like my Sunday plans are coming a bit unravled again already. Oh,well, thats life!