Monday, 28 January 2008

New money savings ideas for us-continued

So after yesterdays thoughts on money saving we decided a few things. We wont buy food outside of the house. It was my idea but of course when i got to work today my friend asked me out to lunch. Only a cheapo at the local cafe but I did it - I said no. I had taken leftovers from yesterdays dinner with me for lunch so I didn't need to but all the same, it was tempting just for the social break from work. I wonder if they mind if i come along and don't eat or drink.

Second thing we are trying is a spending diary. I am using my new diary far more than i ever have before & I think it is a just getting into a habit of recording every detail. The good thing so far is that I don't like writing anything in and so I haven't bought anything wasteful so far. I spent £16 at the £1 shop on Sunday but it was for food products and I bought approx £35 of food for this money. I bought 2 of those Italian fluffy cakey bready things (cant remember the name!) to take to my friends house on a Friday. These are normally £5.99, so ten pounds saved just there.

What next, I wonder...

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