Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Washing sort out evening

I have a new scheme with the clean washing in this house, to stop me from eternally sorting out and putting away washing.
I have 6 laundry basket/bag type things. Deeper than a basket and more bag shaped and with handles. I have labelled them with indelible ink one for each of us, plus one for household(towels,kitchen clothes etc) and for beloveds swimming gear (he spends a LOT of time in water).

The idea is that everyone bring their washing down to me on a Friday evening and over the weekend. Ideally this could be any day but I am not at home to keep an eye on the weather most days as work intervenes. I sort everything into colours, types etc and wash batches at a time. The later you bring it down over the weekend the more likely it is to be washed with something not so suitable but its better than waiting another week. As each item dries and is collected from the washing line or tumble dryer it is folded and placed into that persons baskets. Exceptions are shirts which are dried on hangers and left hung up near the basket for collection. I don't iron, at least not in the ordinary course of events. The clothes baskets are dished out to individuals when they have everything back dried and nicely folded. I don't think we look like we don't iron our clothes (others might disagree!.

The weekend passed in a bit of a rush last week and when I should of been sorting out washing I was in Accident & Emergency at the local hospital waiting to see if my baby had broken his arm. So tonight is washing putting away night. The children have to put there own clean clothes away, I put mine, the old mans and the household. The swimming stuff goes straight into his car boot for the coming week.

So far it seems more efficient than previous attempts but if the name baskets are not available when I have the first dry clothes then it is not so good. Now I just need to get the family trained.

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