Shirley Valentine

I had a phone call from a journalist that writes for a national newspaper. I am not being secretive about the name, just cant remember which one it was. She interviewed me about how I met my husband, 21 years ago, because she is writing a series of articles about romances that follow film scripts. She thinks our beginnings are like Shirley Valentine but they aren't really, once you get past the fact that we met in Greece. Anyway we have to pose in a classic Shirley Valentine post but before hand someone is coming to do hair and make up for me! I don't normally wear make up & my hair is also what you might call naturally styles so I am intrigued to see the difference. The make up artist is only coming a half an hour before the photographer so beloved is teasing me that half an hour is not long enough! Cheeky.

This is the photo that we have to mimic with our pose. I may post a copy of the photo that they take of us if its not too embarrassing.

Hopefully they will elave by mid morning tomorrow and then I have sometimes to sort out the wardrobes for both boys. They have a lot of old clothes which they have long outgrown and which need new homes. I am hoping that the eldest will also be recoverd from his tonsilitous enough to put up the skirting board in the conservatory so that we can get the desks and filing cabinet in place and take rest of my thngs from my old study, now oldest boys bedroom, to the new study/office in the extension. Its really nice finding all my old stuff, books & phots which I havn't seen for a while, just getting being given a load of new books!