Aquaponics and direct debits

I did my little bit of de-cluttering world in the virtual world instead of in the physical world. I spent a half an hour cancelling all of my old direct debits and also a couple which I kept meaning to cancel and never got around to. This prompted me to check a few accounts as well and I found that various bills which I pay by direct debit have credit balances, so I have requested a few refunds. I don’t know why I haven’t done this before as it was really easy, all completed on line and if I accidently cancel a payment to someone that I should be paying, for example there were four payments set up for my life assurance, then I assume that they will contact me pretty quickly.

There was a scandal of sorts mentioned in the paper this week where Egg cancelled the credit cards of their 'high risk' customers. There was a small public outcry in which it came to light that the credit card accounts which had been cancelled were actually those that they made no profit on. I have an Egg card and was beginning to be quite offended that I hadn't had my card cancelled. Did this mean I managed my account badly and they made a lot of money from me?? I hope not. Anyway, today I got home from work and opened the mail. I had a terse little note from Egg saying my card was cancelled blah, blah, blah... In reality, I am not a suitable customer for them because they don’t make a profit from me as I manage my account too well. Well that suits me fine, so today I will be shredding my card, as I don’t think Egg is bank that is suitable for my business.

Last thing, I have been reading my favourite blog today (and every other day of course) down-to-earth and found Rhonda Jean talking about Aquaponics. It is just such a brilliant system. I know if I suggest it then the old man will think I have lost the plot, so I am thinking of printing of a few leaflets and leaving them about the place. Might get his interest as he loves both fish and veg! I mean, he has always sort of agreed that at some indefinite date in the future I can keep chickens. It’s going to be like a wildlife park around here soon.