Feeling powerless

I woke up this to find we had no electricity. Mentally working through my to do list for the day I realised how completely my life at home revolves around having power.
My task list for the day included-

Taking a shower - not actually on this but I was going to start the day with my shower as usual - shower is electric as this is supposed to be the least wasteful of power and water.
Vaccuming right through the house - Obviously not possible and half the house is carpeted so not so good when brushed.
Mopping floors - okay except boiler doesn't work without power but I can warm water on the cooker.
Clothes washing - there is too much to do by hand plus I have problems with my joints in my hand, so this is out. Then again no hot water because the boiler doesnt work.
Clothes drying - hung out on the line but not possible if I havn't washed anything.
Dish washing - dishwasher is fulling stacked and as a Grade A efficiency machine actually uses less power and water than washing by hand.
Sort out my clothes etc for charity - no excuses, I can get on with this.
Clear the last of the building junk from the garden into the skip at the front of the house- no excuses again but it is very cold outside first hng and I was hoping to do this later.
Check ebay to see how my ebook sales are going and check any furniture I am bidding on- We are collecting old pine kitchen furniture to refit our new kitchen. Beloved was a carpenter in a previous existence so I am hopeful this will work out well but some far we havn't found too much that we like.
Write blog - I can write it but not load it as the laptop can run on its battery but the router wouldn't work.

However as you can see the blog is now loaded, so the power my be up and running again. So no excuses, time to get on with my work for the day.