Sunday, 24 February 2008

Car Boot Sale Success

We had a really nice day again. It is so nice when we have a weekend together and no work. We really appreciate it because it only happens about every 12 weeks. So today we started with a visit to the local car boot sale. I was looking out for baskets, for storage, and baby wool. I didn't get either! However I did get a lovely rug for the bedroom. All new and still wrapped. It was marked up at £35 but the guy let me have it for £10. We also saw a dresser which was marked up at £75. It is prefect for the kitchen project. We made an offer of £60 and asked the guy if he could deliver it. A bit cheeky I guess but seemed happy with the deal. As he was packing it though he apparently let the glass door of the top bang close and break, the wood but not the glass. When he turned up with it in the afternoon he gave us the option of our money back but we decided to keep it anyway and just pay him £40. Beloved’s father was a carpenter and they worked together a lot when he was a boy. So beloved spent a happy hour putting the door back together with clamps and wood glue and in a few days it will be as good as gold.

On the way home for the car boot sale we visited friends for coffee and a chat. This is my friend Markets patio. If it was just a bit warm then we would have been sitting here with our coffee. Then off home to potter about the place. The rest of the day was pleasant and restful.

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