Sausages & knitting

We had our day at the seaside today. We were lucky with the weather in as much as it was quite warm (for February) and it managed not to rain.

I didn't find the little wool shop that I was looking for to buy the wool for making my friends babies jumper. So thats something for tomorrow. We didn't buy any sausages from the award winning sausage shop because they didn't look very appealing. So we decided that this week we will try to make some sausages ourselves. Beloved likes lamb but always when we see lamb sausages they have mint in them. He also likes mint but not in lamb sausages! So we will try to make lamb sausages without the mint.

Tomorrow is our visit to the car boot sale, unless there is rain, and I will look for baby wool, baskets for storage & a food mixer for making soap. Later we plan to do the drawings for our new front porch & also to plan the layout for the kitchen.

I love weekends like this.