Monday, 11 February 2008

Money Saving Expert

One of my favourite websites.
MSE is a fountain of information for anyone who doesnt like to waste their money.

This week I have used Martins articles to set me on the right road, as it were, for my husband car insurance this week. The renewal came through from Direct Line, which used to be one of the cheapest but apparently no more. It was for £28 per month. The car is a 4x4 but it is converted to LPG. Unfortunately you don’t get any extra discounts for trying to be a bit greener, although apparently car tax can be cheaper for some conversion, but not of course for us. I searched using Martins advice and found a comparable cover for £20 per month, and a lesser cover but still fully comprehensive, for £14 per month. I decided to go for the £20 per month but the bought it through Quidco (another favourite, more later) and got £70 cash back on the deal. So I have now insured the Frontera for the whole year for £170. I am very pleased with this.

I was put onto Quidco by reading the DFW forum on MSE. Its an amazing chat forum and the only one I ever take part in. There is a broad range of people and they are friendly and helpful in the areas that I frequent (DFW & OS) & between them seem to always have an answer, no matter how daft the question.

From the OS Forum on MSE I have gathered recipes, read up on meal planning and other organisational tips and found numerous blog recommendations.

I have also used Martins call checker this week on a couple of occasions. I am looking at the most reasonable call costs for our particular needs. We need to be able to phone overseas quite often, without breaking the bank and the kids need to be able to phone friends on their mobiles on occasion.

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