The best laid plans of mice and men

A few days ago I posted a photo of the dresser which I bought on ebay as a opart of the kitchen refurbishment. Well it certainly doesnt look like that now! A we put it onto the roofrack of the Frontera it looked a bit more flexible in the middle than it should We tightened the ropes to tie it in place and it fell completely in half! In two parts it was impossible to tie to the roof rack and so we had to get it into the car itself. That would have been okay if there were only two of us, not three and if we had also removed all of the bag of swimming gear from the boot before we left. We got everything in the car but by the time we had driving home with the bits of furniture we were all rather ratty and bad tempered. As we unloaded it at our house more bits fell off! I had an email a few hours ago from the chap that sold it to me to ask if we wanted the door handle posted to us. I will draw up a plan of the new kitchen at the weekend but I tihnk we have just about everything that we need, except some more wall tiles. Just as well as I really cant face collecting another piece of furniture which drops into bits when we pick it up. I have taken all other furniture of my watch list on ebay. No more!

However the work progresses. Next week is half term and my lovely men are planning their work for the week. The boys are doing three days each and the old man is doing four. They all have a days work on the Monday as well so they aren't having much time off. By the end of the week the outside of the building work should be finished & the main room should also be finished. That means the guest bathroom is next on the list but I get ahead of myself and there is plenty to do before that.

The photo above is the old man standing in the early stages of the guest bathroom, when the wall was just a few inches high. Oddly it seems a lot larger area now that it is built.