Sunday - day of rest

But before that we still have a few things that need to be completed.

Beloved is at work already and wont be back until 6.30 this evening. He has more lessons at the weekend that any other time so he is only around here at half term & school holidays but thats okay with us as it makes those times a bit special and we can go somewhere together.

I almost finished my task list yesterday but stopped mid afternoon to look at tiles and counter tops for the re-furbished kitchen. Because we are using old pine furniture for the kitchen we need a counter top which will pull it all together visually and which is pretty hard wearing. The phot above is one of the second hand bits I have bought to pull the kitchen togther. Once it is done it will stay that way, I dont like change for the sake of it, so we need to have it how we like it. I am thinking of buying the counter top from a big chain like B&Q becuase all their wood is farmed and from sustainable resources, whereas its hard to find if that is true from some other suppliers.

Before we can start work on the kitchen we must finish the guest bathroom. We have everything except wall tiles and the water resistant gyproc board that goes under the tiles. As soon as the exterior, shed and electrics in the main rooms are finished the bathroom is next on the list.

Anyway, back to today. I have sorted everyones clean washing to go back to the them but slowed myself up a bit by marking their initials in each article. When the children were small and the clothes all differnt sizes I could sort the clothes quite quickly no problem. However now husband and both children as pretty much the same size and where similar clothes. I am always giving the wrong items to the wrong people. So now every time I give them back their clean basket of clothes each I label them up with their initials using a laundry pen. Within a few weeks I should have most items labelled and the task will be a little less frought.

I need to vacuum the stairs and bedrooms but otherwise cleaning is pretty much finished. I will also prepare a pot roast for tomorrow. My dad bought me a 56lb back of potatoes so at the moment we are having potatoes with nearly every meal. I will also be making a fruit crumble or maybe two depending on how much fruit I can find about the place to use up.

After work we are visiting a friend for coffee and cake. Then at bed time the old man and I will update the registers for next weeks classes before we drop off for the night. I busy day but it sounds rather nice to me.