Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sunday night and all is well

Today I finished my cleaning, in as much as any cleaning is ever really finished.
I drove to the car boot sale and then found it was cancelled as the ground was too wet. Which was okay because I really wanted to finish my washing and some other bits and bobs? So all of the washing is done, floors washed and bathroom scrubbed. I have made enough coronation chicken pasta and egg mayonnaise to keep the men folk happy for lunches for a few days. Also a nice cake (tart?) with a sponge case filled with cherries and then covered in meringue and baked until the meringue just starts to crisp. Baby says its yum and he should know as he has had two slices already. I told him I have a few days off coming up and he is requesting all sorts of dishes that I don’t always have time for on a work day. This week is half term so my men don’t have school, college or teaching classes, just work at the house. This means I get extra time in bed in the morning because breakfasts and lunches are not required before I leave for work at 8.00am.

Anyway, now its time for a nice bath and an early night.

Nighty night.


  1. Wow...all your washing is done? Even if you didn't do another thing, I would find that impressive!
    (This from a woman with about 8 loads that need to be done, LOL!)

  2. Hi
    It was six loads but I bought a 6 kilo washing machine when the last one died, so not as bad as it used to be! Happiness is seeing the bottom of a washing basket I always think. However, I notice that by today its already filling up again.
    Thanks for dropping by


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