Update on my to do list.

I slept later than I meant this morning because we started to watch a DVD of a series called 24. I was sceptical and didn't really want to watch it but I was hooked and we ended up watching FOUR programmes in a row and being very late to sleep.

That meant that by the time I awoke this morning the sun was out and the frost was already starting to disappear. We had breakfast of cereal and coffee in bed and then off on our list for the day.

We filled up the car with LPG (it is in the same direction) and then off to the Chinese supermarket. We bumped into my sister and brother in-law in the shop, stocking up with all the same things as us. That’s the influence of our cookery class. I found that they also sold 3kg bags of bicard and corn flour which were pretty economical.
The shop looks pretty big in this picture but that’s because there is a little place upstairs which sells woks, steamers and so on and that is where they stood to take the picture. The shop is really good & the staff very helpful. They also have a warehouse out back where the restaurants and take always in the area stock up.

After leaving there we made out way back to the International Store in the St Marys area of town. We didn't buy too much in there, just some Arabic bread and some mango juice.

This is a really unusual Saturday for us, we hardly ever go the shops but needed to replenish our stocks so a shopping session was due.

Afterwards beloved went of to work, Saturday is a busy day for lessons, whilst I got on with my cleaning. The bathroom looks good and the most of the floors but I still need to mop the downstairs floors & clean up a little more in the kitchen.

This evening was spent at my parents house with my family. A nice evening of chat with plenty of laughs, as usual. Now I am sitting on my bed with my lap top and my oldest cat on my lap (my cat cant stand for anything other than her to be the centre of attention)and my husband watching 24 (again, there are 24 parts I assume.)One of my sons is with my parents and the other at a party (he has just turned 18, where else would you be on a Saturday night).

Tomorrow I will finish off & then I might go to the car boot sale tomorrow. I would find a couple more baskets useful and the car boot sale is the place to find old baskets.

I am feeling quite blessed. I love my job but I also really enjoy my home & family (I love them too obviously, I just thought it went without saying until I read it back) when I can be away from my job. I am almost afraid of feeling such contentment though for surely something will go wrong when I am so pleased with everything??