Wednesday already!

Goodness me, the week is flashing by this week. Already it is Wednesday.
We had leftover Thai Red Curry for dinner but there wasnt quite enough so now we are are all mooching about looking for something extra. I think it might have been a bit of a false ecomoony to stretch the chicken quite so far as we have ended up with cheese on toast for supper. Oh,well. I must learn from this. More padding when I am stretching food.

My youngest son and I walked over to my sisters house for a couple of hours this evening. Its about a half an hour walk and all country lanes, as long as you can block out the sound of the motorway which goes through the middle. We will try to do this each week because the little walk is good for us but also its nice to have 1/2 an hour with my son just to chat and hear his awful stories about school. We walked past the allotment field, which is equal distamce from both of our houses when walking but considerable further, especially for my sister, if you need to take the care along.

It reminded me that in a couple of weeks time we will be starting our regular trips to the allotment as well. There is a lot of clay there so we dont go too early as it is very boggy and sticky until the soil dries out a bit. A nicely looked after allotment is definitely a thing of beauty but ours has yet to reach such giddy heights. I have a good feeling about this year though. We need to get some recycled timber for the raised bed and some wood chip to keep the weeds down in between. My sister is looking out for wood chip from the council, where they are shredding fallen trees. We like to use mostly recycles itmes for the allotment (and anywhere else come to that) so thats suits us fine.