Thursday, 28 February 2008

Looking forward to paying tax

Yes, you did hear correctly. I am looking forward to paying tax. Not for myself, I already pay more than enough, but for my husband. This year he is finally bringing in enough money to cover costs in his swim school. Surely the next step after covering costs should be a little profit? and that leads to tax. So I really am looking forward to paying tax.

I have a days annual leave tomorrow as we plan to lay the flooring in the conservatory and re-arrange the furniture. We have planned this so many times before but this time I dont think there is anything to stop us. However, I dont count my chickens until tomorrow, because there is always some crisis that comes along, usually plumbing problems. This should mean hat I can move the extra furniture out from the sitting room as well so that it doesnt feel quite so much like sitting in a second hand furniture store in the evenings.

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