Getting organised

Its the weekend so, of course, I am busy in my little house. Beloved works from 10am until 3.30pm during Saturday. He then does his voluntary work on Saturday evening, teaching at the local Lifesaving club. On Sunday he works from 10am until 2.30pm and again from 4pm until 6pm, so by the time you factor in transport there, I don't see much of him at the weekend. When his business is a little more established and we aren't using every penny for the mortgage then he can relax this a little but for the time being this is our schedule. It does mean though that we really appreciate weekends when we don't have work and we have a great time on those days.

So, yesterday I got a few things completed. Most of washing is done and some of the drying. The rooms are pretty clean and tidy anyway, since de-cluttering they actually don't need so much attention. I took the opportunity to empty a glass cabinet full of 'things' and move it to its place in the extension. About half of its contents are now in the charity box but the rest are packed back in there. I don't think the contents are worth anything but they are to me. There is a jug in there that my great grandmother had for a wedding present in 1870. There are in laid boxes that my husband brought me back from visiting family in Jordan and Syria. Stones that my younger son collected when he was small. I know its all just clutter but it is my clutter and I want it. I then went through the items on the kitchen shelves and divided then between charity box and keep as well. The kitchen is looking a lot emptier but there is still more to go. Maybe I can come back to this today if everything else gets finished.

and so today. Put away anything which has been left out in the kitchen. Wipe surfaces and cupboard/appliance fronts. Wash floor in sitting room, kitchen and conservatory. Vacuum upstairs and the actual stairs, there is carpet upstairs so mopping doesn't get that far. Finish washing, drying, folding and putting away. Clean dishwasher filter and refill with salt etc. I would also like to venture into the attic to start getting rid of a few things but we will see how the day goes.

In a couple of weekends time it is Easter. I guess the kids are too old to hide eggs in the garden now but I will miss this. At Easter we will chose one day to have a day out. The other three we will do some of the things we planned for around here and never have the time to properly enjoy. We want to make some lamb sausages. I have the attachment for the mincer and i have the sausage skins. Now we just need meat, time and ideas! We want to make some soap, I have all the ingredients already but I need an old electric mixer and the car boot sale has not come up with the goods yet. Once the soap is made I plan to use some of it to make washing powder.

Lastly, there are a couple of new things I have settled for on the organisational front. I am making a file of recipes etc which I can keep in my kitchen for inspiration. Another file of useful information (these may become one file, depending on how much goes in there) and lastly a metal filing tin, as you might use for a card filing system, to sort out and file my seeds. Allotment planning starts soon.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable rest of the weekend.