More energy - now we have the answer

I have discovered the answer to my own question earlier this week on the harder I work and the less sleep I have the more energy I seem to have to get through the day. It surprised me because I have always been an advocate of 8 hours per night. And now I have proved old style sensible me to be quite correct by completely running out of energy yesterday. I was apparently surviving on adrenelin I guess. I currently feel like a run out dishrag and can't wait for Saturday and some battery recharging! I won't be telling my mum though as I dont intend to get told off by her for being silly too. She already thinks I work too hard.

So now work for me this evening, just a little read of some of my favourite blogs. I am going to read Move to Portugal and click through to some of Lauras link about the country. Then a few minutes on Down to Earth to catch up with Rhonda, then a nice warm bath and sleep.

Nighty night.