Yes, I am officially a sloth. I could get no lazier than these last couple of days. I slept in until late on Friday and again today, and I have done nothing remotely useful for two whole days!

Okay, I wasn't quite that bad but I have been a bit of a lazy bones. Today I cleaned all of downstairs but I haven't actually started any of my plans for this break time. I won't be doing any gardening because it is snowing and hailing and the garden (and gardener) are confused.

Tommorrow there is work to be done and no avoiding. I need to colour my hair (currently looking like a large badger). I bought the colourant in Savers today. We intend to try to make some lamb sausages tomorrow. Today we bought lamb from the butcher and also some from Waitrose (doesn't sound very economical I know but Waitrose is cheaper than anywhere for lamb around here)We also bought pomegranate syrup to use in the sausages. We bought this in the International Stores in Southampton today, along with a big bag of chillies. Both very economical purchases.
I also intended to do some sewing tomorrow. I have my mums lovely sewing machine at home but she needs it back as my dads trousers need fixing, SO it tomorrow or much later for my sewing. My husband bought two pairs of track suit pants in Matalan for £8 each. He needs smart track suit pants for work (swimming teacher) so this was a good buy. There are two long and also have a funny leg 'cuff' so tomorrow he is going to sew them (no, really, that's what he said. I bought two reels of cotton to do my little bits of sewing. I need to mend a skirt. to make some curtains and also to make some cushion covers to the chairs. I see in my mind what I want to make but I don't have a pattern. Hopefully that isn't a problem. I want a little cushion cover which has a back which crosses over rather than zips. I will try to take photos as I work. I always intend to take photos but I get too involved in what I am doing and forget all about pictures. If I have time there is still the sewing box which I want to re-cover in the same fabric. Lastly, from the creative view point, I want to make some yogurt. I have tasted a delicious dip which is feta and yogurt with some chili oil. Just amazingly simple but amazingly yummy. Also not garlic, so its okay for my packed lunch!

Otherwise just a little more cleaning, something nice for lunch (maybe lamb sausages if my little mincer is doing its job) and some things taken from the attic as part of the great declutter.

Perhaps I am not as slothful as I thought. Perhaps I have just had two days of doing prep!


  1. Hello Lizzie

    lol - You have the right idea, no use rushing things, just build up to them and keep the momentum going:))

    Do you really have snow coming down?

    Take care

  2. Hi Cathy
    I feel better now, I am just going to call it 'pacing myself'!
    Yes, snow and hail. The garden is confused. Bulbs were flowering January and spring blossoms have been out for weeks but yesterday snow and hail. We are on the South Coast so for us it is mildest. There are travel warnings not to drive anywhere unless you really have Easter!
    Happy Easter


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