Easter Break

Yay, four days at home. Eldest son has friends around tonight and baby is having a party tomorrow evening to celebrate his birthday this week but otherwise we don't have any actual plans and can just do as we please. If they weather warms up then maybe we take a trip down to my sister on the Dorset coast.

Otherwise my only plans are for enjoyable tasks at the home. There are new recipes to try. We are planning to make some sausages. Also some yogurt to make the soft cheese that we call labna. If I can find a second hand hand held mixer then we try to make olive oil soap. I have the ingredients but I really need find a hand mixer to use. I also want to get some more articles from the attic either to use in the house or to pass on to their new home. If the weather is warm, which doesn't actually sound very likely at the moment,then I will begin to clear up the garden. It is recovering from winter but more than that it is recovering from two (or maybe three) years of building work as we built the extension to the house. We build the entire extension ourselves and it is beautiful but it did take its toll on the garden. Before we started we had a smaller house but a lovely garden and now it is time to start bringing it back to life. We have;t lost any of the plants planted in the beds but there are a few which were in pots that have not survived. We don't normally grow fruit and vegetables in the garden because it is quite small and because we have an allotment for our growing. It is also in full sun for most of the say. This year I am considering investing in some patio fruit trees and perhaps also growing some salad vegetables here at the house. I have the beginning's of automatic watering system which I could get in place by summer. Apparently this uses far less water than conventional watering and I can get it set up from a water butt.
So there are many plans and this weekend I can choose the ones I like best to take me through my 4 days off.

Happy Easter everyone.


  1. Enjoy your four day off Lizzie.

    happy Easter :)

  2. Thanks Laura, I hope you are enjoying the same with your family. I am hopping over to your site later to read about mortgages as you seem to have got a far better deal that I have.
    See you later!


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