There is sunshine after the rain.

I had a day off yesterday to help with the floor in the extension, which is looking pretty good actually & just needs the skirting board in place. But any day off for me usually equals rain & wind at the very least,possibly snow,hail & gales. That is what was predicted for yesterday and today as well (rain and wind, not the rest). However it seems to have excelled itself for blowing in the night and blown the bad weather right away. So this morning it is sunny and bright and lovely. I am looking forward to finishing the skirting today and then moving the rest of the furniture into its new place in the conservatory and emptying the over crowded sitting room a bit.

On top of this major move aorund there is also normal housework, clean the floors right through, finish the washing and get it dried, sorted and folded. Clean the bathroom and kitchen. Ofcourse the list is endless becauseif I finish it all then I find other things wich also need doing. Baby needs some new curtains for his bedroom and the fabric is waiting for me on the sofa. There is a hole appearing in the loose covers of the sofa and I need to patch this inconspicuously. I have a skirt which has developed a hole where two horizontal seams are coming apart.

I had a an email from some friends that live in Shanghai. They sent me some photos of a region they have visited in China. They didn't take the photos but I beleive their neice did (although I may have misunderstood). I have uploaded a couple of the photos as some things are too beautiful not to share.