Two New Recipes

Well recipes might be too big a word for them but two two new 'things to cook'.
A couple of things going a little wrong have created new dishes for our repetoire.
On Sunday I made some yogurt. When I opened my flask on Monday it was sort of set but not very. Rather than 'flask' it up again I decided to us it up as it was. I blitzed it in the food processor with a packet of feta cheese and a couple of green chillies. We had this with a loaf of warm french bread for our supper. Scrummy.

Today I intended to make chicken and potatoes in the oven with lemon. Not something I had for years but I just fancied it. I chopped up my potatoes and layerd them in the bottom of a roasting pan. Placed the boned chicken thighs over the top. Then I poured an inch of chicken stock into the pan. When i went to grab a couple of lemons from the basket they had dried right out. Must have been in their longer than I thought. Instead I found a bottle of lemon and black peppar oil free salad dressing form the fridge. I splashed this liberally over the chicken, sprinked a little salt & oregano and then stuck it in the oven for an hour. The potatoes were in the yummy liquid and so cooked to perfect leaving the chicken to crisp up perfectly on top. This is definitely a new dish for regular use.

The only problem is that I haved raised expectations of the family a bit now and they are expecting another completely new but very yummy dinner again tomorrow! Oops.


  1. Lizzie, many thanks for kindly getting me listed on 'Down to Earth'. The visits have hardly stopped since (around 600 today!).
    It was pure serendipity that I had written a post on Rhonda Jean and put it up this morning; in fact I didn't realise about the link until I checked my stats!
    Thanks again

  2. You deserve plenty of visitors, I love your take on housework, very inspirational!



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