Saturday, 29 March 2008

Busy Bunny

Beloved is in hospital again with an inflamed gall bladder. Its possible it is caused by his heart medication. They are treating it with anti biotics now with a view to an operation in about 6 weeks. It would be so good if they would just operate now and then its done.

So as well as working full (and then some at the moment - it is year end), running the swim school in his absence, keeping house and feeding the family, I am also likely to be up to the hospital for most of my free time in a day.

We do have good news though. The pain was such that they thought it might be his heart again but thankfully it wasn't. He is very happy about that when the morphine stops his pain enough for his to appreciate it!


  1. Oh Lizzie...i hope he is ok...and you are...don't wear yourself out.

  2. Laura's quite right, Lizzie,
    you'll need to take care of yourself as well you know. Hope everything goes well for both of you.

  3. Thanks for your support. Its really nice as I am settling down for the night with just the cats for company (both kids are away too).
    Night night

  4. Hello Lizzie

    Sorry to hear about DH - hope he's ok now

    BTW thanks for recommending me to Rhonda - I see you're there as well.
    Whats your hit rate like............ Bit OTT ? Not quite what I'm used to lol

    Take care

  5. Hi Cathy
    Thank you. I am not sure when I am getting him back at the moment but he is morphined up to the nines anyway and oblivious to half of it, at the moment.
    Quite lively, I have to say. I normally write every day but suddenly more people are looking and I have less to say because all I am oding is work & hospital! Hopefully back to normal family life soon.


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