Was done

Review of the list - not bad at all. Looks like I might be able to fit in a trip to the car boot sale tomorrow...if the raning ever stops.

Cooked breakfast (aha, a cunning ploy – no-one will want lunch!)Complete
Stack dishwasher Complete
Empty all bins for recycling & rubbish Complete
Wash clothes Complete
Clean worktops Complete
Wipe cupboard doors and appliances Complete
Wash floors Complete
Vacuum carpets Complete
Clean bathroom Complete
Clear ‘hotspots’ that accumulate junk;-
Bedside table Oops,nope
Kitchen worktops Complete
Book case in sitting room Oops,nope
Sideboard Oops,nope
Dining table Oops,nope
Take 12 items from the attic First 4 done
Clear additional items from eldest sons bedroom (used to be my study and still has lots of my junk inside) not so easy as he is still snoozing.Oops,nope
Dry all clothes Half complete
Fold clothes and return to owner or put away.Oops,nope
Dust and quick tidy where needed.Complete
Pay for some advertising for the swim school (stickers which will be applied to the car doors and spare wheel cover).Oops,nope