Household File

At the weekend I started on the new household file I was planning. It started off as one file but I feel it may grow. The sections I had envisaged were recipes for dinners, recipes for other things (soap etc as well as snacks and puddings) and a section with other useful household bits.

I don't need to keep recipes for food which I often make of course or for recipes which don't have to be too accurate. Anything complicated I usually keep so that I can come back to it for a refresher if I need to. I gathered all my paper recipes from friends and laminated them individually. I also laminated recipe cards from Waitrose which look like we will enjoy them. 2 cards get laminated togther into an A4 size.

However as I was digging through an old filing basket I found a leaflet which had a photo of my son playing basketball. Laminated too and into he file! Then it occurred to me that this was actually a really good way of preserving some of the memories that are about the place. Wedding invitations, ababy arrival notes, the time my husbands photo appeared on a safety notice at his then workplace. This isn't scrapbooking. This is much more appealing to me because it is functional but also interesting.

I am expecting this to end up as my favourite reading matter.