Being organised is hard

I have just read a comment on Belinda Moores guest post over on Down to Earth. Being organised is hard but not being organised is far harder. We really aren't doing ourselves any favours when we go through life blissfully unaware of what is going on. We waste resources, food, money, cleaning consumables,time,by buying what we already have (and cant find)just because we not only don't know what we have but we also don't know what we need. This doesn't apply to all of us of course, some people have already sussed this, the rest of us would probably have a more relaxed life if we learned from them.

Tonight we had chicken soup with Bulgar wheat for dinner. It was a ton better than yesterday awful (expensive)takeaway and we cooked enough for tomorrow as well. The soup is really a stew of chicken thighs, tined tomatoes, potatoes and onions with some olive oil. We don't need much chicken to make it taste really excellent. We tried cooking the soup without any chicken but its not the same, so we have gone back to chicken chicken soup instead. The kids also like to eat the Bulgar wheat on its own as well so it will do for a couple of snacks or lunches too.

My orighinal mealplan is a matrix with days across the top and weeks down the side. I colour coded the dishes so that we didn't get 5 days of chicken in a row. The problem was it didn't suit us because I didn't take into account our lifestyle when I compiled it. I did do some thinking, hence the colour coded days,but it was destined to fail. I am using it as a basis for the new meal plan. It looks very meat heavy ( I had help from the kids - they are serious carnivores given the chance)so we will lighten it up a bit. My new planner has notes about when we were are eating together or apart (late working etc, when we are short of time (stir fry night), when we will be content with a toast snack. I also have a coloums for extras. If I am cooking something quite quick then I can use some of the spare time to make flapjacks etc. Also I note when I need to make tuna salad or egg mayoniase for lunches (to make sandwiches or pastas sauces).

I am getting there!