Further progress

So today is our first day when the meals have not been planned in our last little mini planning session. A great succest? No, not even a little one. Beloveds friend called him up to ask if he would like to go out with her for the day. He deserves a break for sure so ofcourse he went. Then came back mid afternoon and spent some time for the youngest boy. When I get home from work not only is there no food cooked (friend bought lunch out I suspect) but also nothing is defrosted to begin being a meal. So we had a takeaway, which was expensive and yuck and no-one enjoyed it.I think I may have prooved my point in an expensive and highly calorific fashion. Tomorrow night we will take 20 minutes to plan for the rest of the week (or maybe more once we get in the flow.)
Next on my list is to get back to my price book. Countrygirl has reminded me how much can be saved with this tool. I did quite a lot of work on it a few months back, which is probably all out of date now, so it should not be too bad to update.
Lastly we have decided that we may have to give up the allotment. We really dont have the time to take care of it properly. We are the first people to have an allotment on that particular peice of land, before us it was always a horses field. Because of this the weeds grow like nothing I have ever seen. YOu can clear a patch and after a few days you go back and find weeds already 60cm high! How can we compete. If we decide to give it up then I willhave to make some changes to our little garden to accomodate the fruit trees (they havn't been in the ground long-I can still move them) and also bushes of blackcurrent and raspberries. I will need to grow the chillis, tomoatoes, peppers and maybe aubergines and cucumbers in pots on the patio I cant sensibly accomodate the bean row, potatoes or broccoli and the other brassicas. There just isn't enough room. The good thing is that I will actually have some time in my own garden instead of disappearing to the allotment whenever the rain stops. (assuming it ever does actually stop)


  1. An allotment needs at leastan hour every day for most of the year and a lot more for preparation in the autumn.

    Most of the working couples who started this time last year have disappeared from the allotments around mine because it's so time consuming to make them produce anything. And a lot of people don't realise just how hard gardening really is.

  2. Its true. I knew it was a lot of work before we started but I didn't bank on the changes at my work that would take that extra time away from me. I have really enjoyed it but I wont be putting my name back on the list until I know I can work part time or am close to retiring.
    Thanks for popping over.


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