How can anyone afford junk food?

On my way home from the hospital this evening and acutely aware that I haven't been feeding anyone properly this week, as I rush about like a mad woman, I had a moment of actual madness. I stopped at the garage at the bottom of the hill and bought some kind of microwaveable burgers for the boys.

I know, can you believe I would do such a thing. Well they do love them having had them a mates houses but I don't buy them because I can't believe a burger in a bun can be kept n a plastic box in a fridge for so many days(months? years? and still be consider a source of nutrition. That's especially odd coming from me as I have a reputation for eating pretty much anything (not keen on lambs liver or black pudding but if you disguise it enough or tell me you made it especially for me then I will eat it)rather than let it go to waste.

So, in my basket I had four different 'burgers' so why not go the whole hog and have a (small)bar of white chocolate each as well. It couldn't actually get any worse for them nutritionally I assume. At least I stopped short of giving them fizzy drinks as well (hm, sugar to rot their teeth or aspartame to give them cancer, I just can't decide).

They were really pleased and I have to say that their food smelt surprisingly like real food once it was heated but guess how much this cost me. £9.60!!!!!
I can cook two main meals for the whole family for that & still have enough left for a bag of fruit.

Its a good job I love cooking as I am never going to be able to afford to keep them family on ready meals and junk. Don't worry - I wouldn't anyway - I like them too much (the kids not the food).