When is a blog not a blog

When I first started to write this blog, just after last Christmas,it was very much a diary of change for me. I didn't really expect or even realise that others would read it or ever come across it. I added pictures because it pleased me and made it more interesting to look back on ( I would do it more if I could fix my camera!)This is why if you read the early blogs you see there is no background information given. I was writing a dairy and I didn't need to give myself background information.

About a month later I added a stat counter which told me how many readers had popped over here for a read. Wow, that was amazing, I thought it was all just for me and the cats until that point.

Later still came another little stat counter type thing which says where the last 10 readers came from. Amazing stuff. Now the readers are not just numbers and imaginary people but actual real people. I think I started to write differently too. Suddenly I was sharing not just noting. Very odd but a distinct change

Most recently came comments. Not always but sometimes a little 'hello, here I am with an opinion too'.This is my favourite bit so far. I love that we are reaching out across the wires,airways or whatever and part of a community.

My blog isn't my diary anymore, its my blog!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.