Puddings Pictures

We have worked out how to get the photos on the computer from the phone, so here are the puddings from earlier in the week. It sounds I am beginning to obsess about puddings a bit but honestly I am not. Although I do have plans to make a large rice pudding at the weekend. I make a boiled one, as opposed to a baked one. I like mine warm with nutmeg and dried fruit. Beloved likes cinnamon and cold rice. The boys both like it any which way.

I promise to cook more healthily for a while now. I have my eye on making a lovely Frittata that I have read about on the Cottage Smallholder. I hope to report back later in the week.


  1. oh gosh, how can you do this to me!
    makes my ww yoghurt seem a bit rubbish ;(

  2. Yes, but you will live a longer and healthier life! (and I will just be licking my lips...)


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