Friday, 2 May 2008

The New Me

The new, super organised, me didn't do so well this week. My meal planner (up to Christmas!) fell down a bit when I was stuck at work for 13 hour days this week. Eldest son broke his toe and we spent the evening in A&E & the boys had takeaway for dinner. On the other days they also cooked but being three men there was way more meat involved and far less vegetable and carbs. This has left my freezer looking a bit sad.

I didn't remember to order any shopping this week in all of the excitement and finally got around to it by Wednesday. So I had a first delivery slot of Friday lunchtime. On Friday evening at 7pm broken toe son phones me at work to say 'what time is the shopping coming? I have been waiting 8 hours already'. I check my order on line to find that my order is back in the shopping cart and hasn't been through the check out. I really couldn't face shopping after work today so have asked for it to be delivered Sunday morning and in the meantime we make do with what we have.

Tomorrow we will be having what we call Syrian Corned Beef Hash. Chopped corned beef chunks, fried potato chunks, cooked up together in a little olive oil (make sure the potato is pretty much cooked before you added the meat). When it is brown and cooked right through then add 4 r 5 beaten eggs, and a little salt and black pepper. Its actually nothing like corn beef hash, much more like Corned Beef Fritatta. Cooked until set and serve in slices with salad.

I also have run out of washing powder so I am following some advice from other blogs and washing two loads with just water. Apparently there should be enough soap hanging around in my clothes and machine to get them just as clean as usual. I don't know if it is true but it will be an interesting experiment.

So instead of going to the supermarket tomorrow I will spend some time in my garden and my house. An all together more pleasurable experience. I need to re-charge my own batteries after my ridiculously long working hours this week.


  1. Hello Lizzie
    You know what they say about the best laid something better if they fall in a heap:))
    Take care

  2. It was nearly me that fell in a heap but actually that is pretty sound advice. Instead of worrying what went worng then move along to something better.
    Okay, I am cheering up now!


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