Saturday Night

Of course things didn't go according to plan but that is the fun of life. I slept in considerably longer than I intended because I woke up with (another) headache. Medication did nothing but the lovely cooling patches that my mum bought for me did the trick. By 11am my headache was starting to go.

I didn't get my fruit and vegetables as I wasn't yet feeling too well and couldn't face the carrying of them. I did get a hand mixer for my soap making. I now have everything I need and any reasons I give for not having made it from now on in are definitely excuses (fear!). I have been looking for a second hand food mixer for months for this project. However i finally but the bullet and bought one from Argos. To my astonishment it was actually cheaper that I expected to pay in a charity shop. The cheapest was £3.78 but was sold out so I got the sooper dooper upmarket model at £5.90. I am down to my last two bars of olive oil soap from my sister in law and my last two washing powder cubes for the clothes washing
After my outing to the shops I made two puddings to take on our visit tonight. I made a flan case with a fudge sauce filling top with little meringues and slivers of fudge. It was too too sickly, much worse than I imagined, but it was almost all eaten. The second pudding was a tower of profiteroles, glues together with caramel. They were excellent and disappeared in a trice. Much nicer than the chocolate version that you normally see. I saved a handful of profiterole for beloved to have tomorrow but he doesn't know it yet.

Tomorrow my plans revolve around the house, and if not raining, the garden. The garden got missed today because of the tenacious headache.

Hope you weekends are all going well. I took a phone photo of the puddings but I cant work out how to get it to the computer. Nighty night.


  1. ooh those puddings sound wonderful lizzie!

    I hope your headache as cleared today :)

  2. Hi Laura
    You haven't nipped off to town today to buy those lovely garden loungers then?? Well done.
    Puddings were sweet enough to keep my sweet tooth happy for some years!
    Yes, All gone thank you. I had a car accident about 12 years ago which causes all the head and neck related stuff. If only I had driven a differnt way bacl from the dentist that day but on the oter hand 5 cars were written off so I was actually quite lucky.
    Bye for now


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