Yay, weekend tomorrow. I love my weekends. At the moment i have a headache. It has been an awful week at work (awful as in nothing went right, not awful as in the building burnt down)but that was work and this is home so I can forget about it until 8am on Monday.

I will sleep in a little later in the morning, maybe 8 or 9am. We will have breakfast in bread (bowl of bran flakes and cup of coffee each). I have kept on top of most things this week because the lighter evenings give me more energy after work.

So my plans for a lovely Saturday include a walk to the street market after beloved has left for work in the morning. I aim to stock up on some fruit and vegetables.

Later a quick wash of the smooth floors and vacuum of the carpeted ones. Then into the garden for a few hours. There is plenty to keep me occupied as I reposses my garden after the building work is finished.

Later we have been invited to eat at a friends house. The meal is being cooked by friends from another area who are visiting. This visit will involve lots of talking as well as eating and last well into the evening.

My other excitement of the week was to buy a lemon squeezer. I have been searching for the ultimate lemon squeezer. I take ages to choose something when I plan to make a purchase. It used to drive my husband nuts but he has kind off got used to it now. My dad is worse, 4 years looking at cars before he bought one and then four years making sure it was a good buy. Then the same process again for the lawn mower. Definitely runs in the family! Anyway it needs to be hard wearing as i expect my equipment to last pretty much for ever. It needs to be a good price. It needs to be pretty easy to clean. I found a lovely one on eBay and it is no winging its way towards us.

How much more exciting does anyone need???