Sunday, 13 April 2008

They did!

Finally, after 14 days and just a few false starts, the gall bladder is out! Beloved is looking tired and somewhat sore but otherwise happy. Just a day and a half after the operation he is allowed home. We must attend the practice nurse this week for another MRSA test but everything is looking good. He can barely move but i think they want him safely out of there before he picks up something else. Also there were some consultants in there with new ideas about heart medicine and so we have had a change of medication for something new on the market.

So now home starts to be home again. My first bit of cooking was not a great success though. I chopped up the orange peel and set it to boil in sugar syrup....and then answered a call from the hospital and went to collect him, and now the orange peel is caramelised rather than crystallized.Not my best ever attempt. It is something like the crackling form roast pork but bitter orange flavour. Must try harder!

This afternoon we are sitting all together in the conservatory. Eldest son is playing guitar. Youngest son pops down to have an argument/noisy discussion with him from time to time. Beloved is lounging on a large sofa and I am cooking and sitting to chat, in turn. I have made a huge boiled rice pudding to prevent milk from going to waste. That will be nice for tea tomorrow and the boys also have it warm for breakfast. There is also a steamed treacle pudding for the kids for tea, served with custard. There is bread finishing in the oven and the house smells lovely. It is starting to be a home again.

Tommorrow back to money saving. The boys need new mobiles (the phones are fine but the contracts are running out) so I am searching around for a deal. It sounds indulgent that they need mobile phones from their mum but at 16 and 18 the world isnt a safe enough place anymore and I like to know that they can call or be called whenever they need. To confirm this the other day the eldest was walking from a party in a really nice area back to the main road to find their taxi and they were set up on by some older lads. The boys were fine apart from one who needed stitches in his forehead but it could have been much worse.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


  1. Have you looked at Vodafone? They have a family package, where you pay £5 a month, and you can add 3 people to your family pack...which means unlimited free calls (upto an hour each) between all 4 of you. I have it for my kids....I know that even if they run out of credit, they can always get hold of me.

    Congrats on getting hubby back home - he must be so glad to be there with you.

    Clare xx

  2. Here's hoping your dear hubby feels better soon!

  3. Hi Claire,
    Thanks for theVodaphone advice. I will check that out. I was quite pleased with how my 'deal spreadsheet comparison' was getting on but I will certainly be checkingt his one out before I decide. Its lovely to have him back (although he is a bit grumpy!)
    Hi Katie
    Thank you.He is looking considerable better since having a couple of really good nights sleep in his own bed.I am expecting him to be bouncing aorund like Tigger (well almost) by the end of the week.
    Best wishes

  4. Hello Lizzie

    Good to hear the man is out of hospital and on the road to recovery.

    Take care

  5. Hi lizzie
    I'm so glad he's home and ok. :)

  6. Thank you :)
    He isn't at all grumpy either, even though he is in some discomfort, I think he must have been in pain for some time.


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