Friday, 11 April 2008

Will they or wont they

First thing this morning the doctor says MRSA result are positive again, they can't operate. We must have 5 more days of treatment and two more days for tests, then we try again. Deep gloom all day for beloved. Around 1pm he is settling down for lunch when the nurse takes it away from him. 'You cant eat' says she 'you are just about to go under a general anaesthetic'. Beloved phones me to say that they say he still has MRSA but they will operate anyway. Is this wise? It really doesn't sound it. I tell him he must speak to the doctor (or risk a visit from me in full flow.) to ensure the nurse has got it right. One hour later he calls back to say that they are still hoping to operate and the result are negative, his MRSA has been banished. The doctor looked at the wrong results. I mutter something about hoping that this is not the doctor that is operating (oh, the gall bladder, I thought the appendix had to come out) and fortunately it isn't. If it wasn't for the fact that he is feeling so ill from the anaesthetic and is wearing an oxygen mask then we would be celebrating.

So, in a day or two the home starts to return to normal. He is already teasing that he wont be able to sleep with my snoring as he is used to peace and quiet now but I don't care. If you want the war nth and comfyness of our bed then you can put up with the snoring.

Tomorrow to the market to stock up with fruit, a special request request for navel oranges and pomegranates. I also notice he is taking his health a lot more seriously now, so perhaps extra vegetables too and I can cut down his meat intake.

I finally found the material to start my stitchery project and I find I don't like it and its not a bit how I remembered it. Never mind, seems like I wont be having too many evenings with idle hands anyway, thank goodness.


  1. Hello Lizzie

    Sunday 2pm here 5am in your house

    Just wondering how things are going? Did they - didn't they?

    Thinking of you all

    Take care

  2. They did, hence no time to blog! He is home, although he cant get out of chair or bed unaided, since the infection is gone and I think they think he is less likely to get reinfected at home than in there.
    Thanks for thinking of us, Cathy, and speak to you soon. By the way I was very impressed with your daughters acheivement. Today is the London marathon, which my brother usually runs in. I always thought it was a long way but your daughters day certianly put that in perspective!!


  3. Hello Lizzie

    If he's interested heres the website for UK

    Its down south which I think is where you are

    Take care

  4. Thanks Cathy. We will check it out. i vaguely think my friends wife doing somethng like this too. She is recently retired from teaching and cant understand how she ever had the time to go to work!

    I certainly am down south, any further south and you drop into the sea, next stop France.


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