An average day and some more ideas

I have been blog hopping this evening. Beloved is watching an endless, endless DVD of Lord of the Rings. I have long since lost the plot (literally and figuratively)and so have taken to blog hopping. I notice a lot of bloggers recording an average day. I think this is event that I have missed. Today wasn't especially average, in fact it was dull because I wanted to be at home with every else and instead was stuck at work. This was how my day went.

Alarm at 7am. I go down stairs. Put the kettle on to boil and make up a tray with mugs and bowls. Put on a load of washing. Put spun washing into tumble dryer ( I know it is a sin but it was raining, i don't dry washing on radiator's as I am too mean to heat my house and the tumble dryer is A efficiency and in theory doesn't waste too much power.) Empty the clean dishwasher and put dirty dishes from the work top inside ( family members have instructions to return dirty dishes, glasses etc to sink or draining board - I am the Queen of stacking.) Prepare bowls of cereal for all and coffee for over 40s.

After breakfast I shower and dress, kiss everyone god bye and drive to work. I have tried car sharing but lately I can't leave work early enough to join in with the rota. The car drive is 10 minutes. A walk would be 40 & a bus ride is even more (circuitous route rather than especially slow vehicle.)Cycle rides along this particular route already claim too many lives - I will continue to drive until I can car share again and one day perhaps I will advance to walking.

I am at work a little after 8am. First meeting was in my office at 10am, to discuss my thoughts for a meeting I wont be attending on Thursday. Beloved ring at 10.30am to say he has lost the diary that I wrote his repeat prescription requirements in to take to his doctors appointment this morning. As I am still on the phone he finds the book under my pillow (how very unlikely!). Moving swiftly on to lunch break. A ham roll. Normally left overs but yesterday was bank holiday and we ate out as part of the on-going long farewell to Beloved. I miss my leftovers, a ham roll is not sufficient! My lunch break is usually spent completing paperwork for home however today there was too much to do to allow this luxury as I wanted to leave early.At 4.20pm I left for the afternoon. I dropped a friend at his doctors surgery in the town on my way. I also had to pick up some pizzas from Lidl on the way home. There is a house full of teenagers (again!) and three of their favourite pizzas is £2 from Lidl. I bought 6 for £4. The kids all found places to sit in the sitting room to watch an old DVD. Afterwards some went out to play and others stayed home to chat with mates.
Beloved and I came up to bed early. I didn't feel well yesterday after taking pain killers for my backache. I still wasn't feeling so good today so an early night is still my intention. Beloved is watching his endless DVD of the second part of Lord of the Rings. I have read blogs and the news. Now I write my blog ahead of an early snuggle down in the world most comfortable bed. I intend to wake refreshed in the morning.

Nighty night