Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Counting down

I notice my average day was distinctly odd yesterday. I didn't mention any cooking, or feeding the cats ( I would have heard if this had been forgotten - miaowing half the night.)This has more to do with my scatty mind this week that actually leaving the household to starve yesterday. I will try to record an properly average day another time.

At the moment we are counting down until Beloved goes off on his travels and days are not at all average. Tomorrow we must shop for all of the items that my various n laws have requested. Not posh handbags or designer jeans but far more down to earth. One sister would like 4 plastic containers for setting up medication a month ahead (most of the family suffer with hereditary heart conditions -pills and tablets are a way of life to them all.), also some zinc and Castor oil cream, another wants strong sunscreen.

Friday will be packing day. (did I mention, no more work until next Monday). Saturday will be a barbecue at my sisters caravan in Dorset if the weather is sunny. If it is rainy then we will have lunch together at a Gurkha restaurant nearby. In fact as the restaurant is doing a bargain buffet at lunch time then this is looking all together the preferred option. We are hoping for threatening clouds if not actual rain.

Sunday we drive to the airport as a family but we come home as only three quarters. I am making plans to keep myself seriously busy during the three months that he is away because that seems all together the best way to cope. My mum is coming up during the first week to help me sort out my front garden. It is okay but needs someone with more of a knowledge of pruning than i have. My dad also has his eye on pruning back a couple of trees which are over growing and starting to block the main window. My parents and my sons will look after me for sure. I am also going to keep a spending diary for the full time (excluding the holiday)and somethnig like a walking diary as well to ensure I walk more each day - I have back problems which need to be taken in hand. All will be well.

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