A good days work

I normally have my weekends planned out ahead of time. Not months ahead, as I don't know what I will need to do. Friday night is when I think my weekend through. I wasn't always like this. I really fought getting organised for years and I still know I have a long way to go but life is considerably easier now that I have admitted organisation has a place in my life. Back them I happily went out, shopping, friends, trips to the seaside etc and them quite surprised myself by not having any clean school uniform ready for Monday morning. We habitually ran out of food & it never occurred to me to buy coffee, for example, whilst we still had some in the house. I still run out of food from time to time but that is more to do with the erratic eating habits of my family than any organisation skill on my part (cereal last thing at night for a phase means no milk defrosted in time for morning coffee.

This Friday night Beloved decided that we should work on the house extension on Saturday afternoon when he came home from work. This meant a trip in the morning for eldest son & I. We drove about 25 miles into the forest to pick up 100 pieces of feather board. We had a really nice time, plenty of time to chat when you drive 50 miles. Also the wood was cheaper than we though so invested in a few little vegetable plants as well. During the afternoon we all worked on the house. We are boarding the side with feather board on top of a weatherproof sheet. It looks just lovely. We got a lot done but the usual work of weekend got forgotten. Sunday is my catch up day.

So, tomorrow, cleaning all of the floors right through, finish all of the washing & drying, sort and fold the clothes. Clean the kitchen and bathroom. Plant up a couple of pots for the garden. Plants out all of the vegetable plants. Pop to the shops for some extra salad vegetables as Beloved has decided we will barbecue in the evening. Order the children's Passports. A few other bits of paperwork. In fact quite enough to keep me busy I think!