A typical Friday evening in our house

Friday night and the house is full of teenagers (again).

I sometimes think no-one else allows their kids friends into the house except me. One lot are making a lot of noise in the sitting room, playing a game on the TV. The other, older ones, are much quieter, sitting chatting in the conservatory. But the rooms have no doors so they are mingling together too. I know that by the time that the parents of the younger ones arrive to collect them then it will have turned into one big social event. I like to hear them laughing and talking but I don't allow much after 10pm because of the neighbours.

If we are going to be making any noise then we always check with neighbours both sides anyway.

As far as I can see the kids are just happy having somewhere indoors and safe where they can socialise together. They haven't wanted any food (although there are Lidl pizzas just in case.)and haven't required entertaining or DVD rental even, they are just enjoying each others company in a safe (if noisy!) environment.

One of them has a voice that would pierce metal though, and I shall be very glad when her dad gets here in half an hour!