Saturday round up

On Saturday night I normally look through my list of activities for Saturday, see what has been completed and what can be abandoned, what needs taking forward to Sunday. Well I managed a couple of my tasks, the sofa covers being mended and dyed is almost complete and I also bought the materials that we needed for building work.

However we decided that instead of taking several days to finish off the work which the men had planned today, we would all join in and get it finished in a day. The job for the week was to water proof and clad the side wall of the new building. We have to move into next doors garden to do this so we didn't want it to take too long. We had to remove the fences, hanging brackets and so on. Attach the water proof finish and the clad it with pressure treated feather board. Then to fit guttering to ensure that the water doesn't fall straight into the garden and ruining their plants (it has). Everything was finished during he week but unfortunately there was a problem with the clear roof on the final section and that had to be repaired. So we worked as a team and got it all finished in one day. The day was very windy so we had a bit of a problem working with the bigger pieces or wood and the fence panel. When my oldest son was on top of the roof trying to negotiate the fence panels right into the slots i thought he was going to get carried away like Mary Poppin. I also dropped a drill on my foot!

Our neighbours have a beautiful dog. A huge Newfoundland called Murphy. Murphy really wanted to join in with us. He barked and barked until he could come out but was a bit disappointed that the 'playing' didn't really include him. I am pleased to say that my boys are both pretty good at building work especially carpentry. We have been renovating this old house since they were 6 and 8. I think they think that spending your weekends drilling, screwing and hammering is the normal. It certainly meant they did very well at school in their 'resistant materials' class.

Tomorrow I will carry out all of the plans for cleaning, washing and other household chores that I didn't get to today. Fortunately I find these tasks therapeutic rather than stressful (it was always this way) so I am looking forward to my day.

Speaking to my mum and dad at their house this evening. My mum asks what I have planned for the next three months. She thinks it would be a good idea if I kept busy sorting out the garden and getting it back to normal. She would like to come up and join in. I think my dad also has an eye on painting my sitting room ceiling. Lucky for me I wasn't thinking of three months of bed rest then, looks like I am going to have little chance to get lonely!


  1. Hello Lizzie

    'Resistant materials' - Is that UK school speak for sheetmetal and woodwork classes? lol

    Take care

  2. Amazingly it is. Cookery is called 'Food technology' and needlework is called 'textiles technology'.

    The powers in education in this country really have their finger on the pulse, dont they!




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