Preparing for the weekend

I am just writing a few notes tonight to plan for Saturday.

This evening we all went to the cinema to watch the new Indy film. It was excellent, great family fun. We laughed out loud through half the film. It was especially good because we had free tickets from the last time we went to the cinema. Last time we went they gave our seats away and so gave us free tickets for our return visit. We only go about once a year so we still had the tickets when we needed to book this time.

So, tomorrow. I plan to make a brunch of bacon, sausages, fried potato and egg. Whilst my husband is at work I will start on my cleaning and washing. Also a trip to the shop to buy some exterior silicone to mend a area of the conservatory roof which is being problematic. I need to finish dyeing the covers for the sofas in the conservatory. When this is all finished then I can move on to the garden. I am still clearing up weeds and mess and preparing my tubs for the summer. I also need to get the swim school paperwork up together before Beloved goes off on his travels.

Hopefully there will be photos of the sofa cover tomorrow, fingers crossed that they are coloured properly.


  1. Hi!

    I am a new reader from Utah, USA. I am really enjoying your blog.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks Elizbeth. Nice to hear form you ( and nice name!!)



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