Getting ready to travel

I havn't been here much for a few days. Fistly my laptop is still away. Not leaving home but going back to the manufacturer as it is apparently covered by warranty. I hope they are better than the shop it has been at for the last month, who declared it comepletely dead and not worth putting back togther again. I asked him to put it back togther again anyway and found that it works when I got it home, as long as you dont move and the power cable starts playing up, just like before I took it to the shop and wasted £35 and then a further £55. If I was more organised then I would be £90 better off but also my lapotop would be back to me by now. Must get more organised...

Secondly I am preparing for holidays. I normally take this in my stride. I have a list of things which needs to be packed, there is a little variation form year to year but not so much, and then we just pack it. The main thing is ensuring that all washing is washed, dried and folded, so even if they dont know what they want to take until the last moment then there is no chance of a panic.

This year things are entirely differnt. This year we are going to our new house for the first time. I need to pack bed linens, dishes, mugs, everything! I dont want to buy in Crete what I already have available from here so its a bit of a fine line. Anyway today we start putting stuff in the actual cases so we know what comes with us this time. Hopefully by the end oif today we are in a better place with our packing.

Okay, I am off to the attic , speak to you later.


  1. Hi Lizzie
    we both seem to be having computer probs at the pc is refusing to work also and I'm using my daughters laptop..I didn't realise just how dependant I am on it until now :( I hope yours gets fixed asap
    Hope you made it out of tha attic!
    Have a great holiday

  2. Sounds like a wonderful adventure. Hopefully the packing went well and was not too stressful...


  3. Hi Laura
    I am officially out of the attic! and back to rainy England!

    Hi Jack
    I will be over for a visit to your adventure later. I am catching up on my blog reading tonight ( if I can stay awake for long enough - 2 hours vertical sleep on Easyjet is not enough for a woman of my age!)



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