Thursday, 26 June 2008

If you could have anything you wanted.....

As you may have heard me mention (yes, i know I have boring on the subject) Beloved is away for 3 months. When he left he also left me instructions to do the lottery on a weekly basis. £1 each. I had done this every week but why? Well because I was asked to yes, but also because its a little bit of fun. I don't seriously expect to win but it would be a giggle if we did.

So if we won then what would we do with the cash. I am happy with my home but I would like somewhere with a little more garden (yes, I am on about the chickens again! So depending on the amount then I would either pay off my mortgage or buy another house. My house of choice wouldn't actually be much bigger than this one, certainly nothing ostentatious, but with a couple more bedrooms, a laundry area and some land. I would finish off the Crete house as well and have a pool. We are a swimming family and I am sure we would benefit from this.

So what else do I require. Well, having had a good think about it, not actually very much. We have two older cars but they work fine and generally I keep a car until it dies of old age (or someone crashes into it and writes it off!). Our house has old furniture but I like old furniture so that doesn't need changing.

Fine wines and gourmet foods are wasted on us but I do like a nice glass of red wine and a good home cooked meal. We can already manage this without our big win.

I always thought that I would like to give money to the special care baby unit where my youngest son was when he was first born. I could pay off the mortgages of my friends and family, depending on the payout. That should give my nearest and dearest the chance for a little financial freedom without ruining their lives.

So I think there is a pretty chance I am buying my lottery ticket each week to win money to give away.

I feel very blessed to not be able to think of anything much that I really want and blessed even more to realise that although there are a few low level wants there really isnt a single need.

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