Happy Birthday to Me!

46 today.
My babies brought me breakfast in bed, eventually. I did have to feign sleep a couple of times though as preparation was a bit slow. I had card and flowers from my boys & a lovely orange tree for my present. My husband phoned up to say happy birthday also nice and early. Then a birthday call from my mum. Its sad that so many of my family are away for my birthday but nice that they called. My mum bought me a book. Michael Palins 'New Europe'. Such lovely presents.

My youngest son and I pooped into town for a couple of hours. He needed socks and knickers so we stopped by TKMaxx. He was very pleased. My husband phoned again and wishes me happy birthday again, which I thought rather odd. Just as I was ringing off he asked '[what should I do for a temperature'. So that's the problem. He is away from home and feeling poorly. I guess it is because he is in a new country and so all the bugs going around are different ones. Apparently they called the doctor out for him in the night, because of his temperature. The doctor wanted to keep him in hospital for a few days for tests, suspecting appendicitis. Surely this cant be. He is only just out of hospital. More worries. Afterwards we popped around to my sisters house to 'borrow' some screws. They have there own fixings company so always very handy for goodies like screws and washers. My sister was just wrapping my present but finding it rather difficult so I was happy to receive it without. She had planted me up a lovely strawberry planter full of really healthy looking strawberry plants. I am very spoilt today.

This evening we all went out for a meal together. I was a really long time coming but very nice food. We appreciated it even more for waiting almost an hour! Then back home. I phoned beloved again, after worrying for half a day, only to find that the temperature ahas broken and he is feeling much better! Lucky he was strong enough to say no to the doctor who wanted to take him away and open him up! I think I must have sent him to a nest of hypochondriacs! Never mind, only another 12 weeks!!!

I am not being very productive at the moment. I am unsettled with my husband away & also thinking about our upcoming holiday. The first time we have ever been away without him. Tomorrow I will start some smaller lists (lists of smaller tasks I mean, rather than written in smaller writing) that I can work through. Hopefully it will inspire me.


  1. Happy Birthday Lizzie! The orange tree sounds lovely :)

    I would tackle one room at a time. Focus on that and then move onto the next one. hth.

  2. Hello Lizzie
    Happy Birthday to you!!
    I would just concentrate on the fact you will be away from home and all the things that are bugging you there.
    Go for it girl:)
    Crete will be great - just lie back and have fun, the sun will be shining and there will be nothing to do but enjoy it.
    Take care

  3. Thank you both for birthday wishes. I am not feeling any older so perhaps I am catching up on sleep after all.
    The rooms are not too bad, although could be better, its the attic. there is more up there than there is down here!!
    Crete will be work I think. We have no furniture and only half of the house is finished. The boys will make the beds (from flat packs I mean, not with sheets!) and hang curtgain poles but the rest is on my plate. All the same it will be great. By the second week it should be relax time. Just time to recharge the batteries before I start over again here.

    Best wishes


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