My day off!!

I had another day off work today. I was planning to write about how productive it was, but it wasn't and so I am grumpy. SO I am writing about it anyway to clear it from my mind.

I had planned two things for today. My son had a job interview at 10am and I also wanted to go to the doctor. I phoned up at 8am for an appointment (that's how it works. You can make an appointment on the day or over 1 month in advance but nothing else - too strange)My appointment was for 5.10 in the afternoon. I also needed to be at the swimming pool ten miles form the doctor at the 5pm to collect the cheques for banking. So already I know things are not planning to go my way today. I took my eldest son to his interview. Popped into the shop to buy some washing powder and envelopes. I expected him to be out after 3/4 of an hour. As I had said I would wait then I didn't like to drive off (especially as he was wearing a smart but uncomfortable suit and smart but uncomfortable shoes)but I wish I had as I actually waited there for over two hours. I was hot and ratty by this time.

Then I should meet some friends for lunch. They have a good deal at the local pub which they take up every Friday and I take up once in a while. I was late of course because everything else overran but no problem because the food was late too. However our fun was spoilt by a family at the next table, in the garden, having a heated argument in the most awful language. It was embarrassing and unnecessary and prompted one of my colleagues to shout. I was astonished as he is so gentle and easy going normally.

After lunch my friends went back to work and I to the Post office to post a friends birthday gift. Nicer to give in person but she lives in Holland so a little too far to travel this weekend. Of course the bag I bought to finish the package was too big so I had to buy parcel tape to make it fit. Still grumpy.

Then to visit another friend for a cold drink and a nice chat. I nice quiet hour for us both before I was off again. This time to the swim school. I couldn't wait until the end of the lessons to collect the cheques because of my doctors appointment so instead i made stamped addressed envelopes for one of the teachers to post them to me. I then have to drive off again to the other side of town., My mileage today has been awful. The petrol I have wasted will need to be replaced at a cost of £1.20 per litre! Can this be for real?

The doctor can't help me. I need to see an optician. More wasted mileage and a day off work for nothing. Back home for a while but just a fleeting visit. I need to go to my parents house. They are house and dog sitting for my brother. So I have to pick up the vegetables etc that they wont take, plus a nice bunch of roses from my dad, and of course spend some social time.

The day isn't over. Can the eldest son have a lift to a party. There are no trains or buses (he is right, there aren't) and its too far to walk and anyway too dangerous so late at night. I agree because then I can also pick up the youngest child. I get home to get the eldest and find that he wasn't allowed to sleep over so he cant go, because there is no transport home in the middle of the night. I leave to pick up the youngest and arrive back having missed a phone call from my husband!

So to some up, an entire day and a about 10 lites of petrol disappeared from me for nothing today. Next time I think I will just stay at work. Lets hope that I got all of my grumps out of the way and that the weekend will be really good. I think it will!


  1. Oh dear Lizzie

    What a Bu....r of a day that was lol
    I bet missing DH call hurt more than anything.

    Take care

  2. I hate days like this! Hopefully your weekend will be better :)

  3. Thank you both. I think I might be missing him more than I care to let on.
    However, today is another day and time to move on and get a few things done
    Best Wishes


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