Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Monster on my shoulder

I seem to have the lethargy monster on my shoulder at the moment. Not so long I would leap out of bed when the alarm went, or before, regardless of whther it was a work day or rest day. Now I am making excuses for an extra 10 minutes even when I have to get up for work. I having been reading on line but the first site tells me that it is probably a sign that either - your current medication isn't suiting you, you have an underactive thyroid, you are diabetic or you have depression. So obviously I feel much better now!

I think I may have put my finger on the problem though. I am 46 on Sunday. Is it just my age?? Am I daft to expect to keep my energy levels the same? Anyway my brother in law has now got me started on a higher dose of cod liver oil capsules. I will make an effort to ensure I am getting a good healthy diet as well. Its always difficult to get enough excericse when you are stuck at a desk all day. I must make more effort to take the stairs instaed of the lift.

If anyone else has any ideas to up my energy levels I would delighted to hear then.

To manage my desire for inactivty on a more operational level I will be making a day by day list of what I should be doing. Hopefully ticking off tasks will help me.

Okay, I am off to sleep now to try to get my 8 hours in! Night night


  1. Hello Lizzie

    If you think about you probably are a bit 'down' at the moment. That black dog that sits on your shoulder can be a pain at times lol

    Theres been the running around for others and the build up to your Dh going away for several months and also the thought of the added responsibilty whilst he's away.

    Its a shame you couldn't have wangled a few days off at this time to clear your head and 'start afresh' for the time you'll be a part.

    Even tho you obviously eat well, as well as the fish oil you are taking why not try a multivitamin or failing that a B Complex.

    Take care

  2. Hi Cathy
    I always used to take a multi vitamin combo. Not sure why I stopped but I will investigate whats is best.
    I think you might be right though. I am run down for a reason not just getting older. We had a merger at work, heaps of extra work for all. Then we have a new computer system and I am in charge of the finance team. The system implementation is going really badly as they have never done a multi company set up before. On top of that I didnt use 11 days of my annual leave last year because we were too busy and I have, as you say, been running about like a fruit cake trying to get DH ready for action. My boys are lovely and they do look after me but I suspect that not havnig a partner to share things with except via the phone will also be a strain.I am having a day off tomorrow just to catch up on some of my chores and errands. I have told my boss I will be taking random days off when nothing is booked in my diary to use up some of my outstanding days form last year and to just try to get some life back into myself.
    Thanks Cathy, I feel much better now actually!!


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