Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible

Hi Laura & Cathy. Not laptop blues, laptop less! Thank you for noticing I had dropped off the radar though, its very comforting.

So,I am laptopless. My laptop has apparently died. However it is under warranty still so I should get it, or its cousin, back at some point(and if I do then I will be writing in praise of the Hewlett Packard VIP support package).

I have occasional use of this lap top but it doesnt have any of the right programmes and I cant use my camera.

Blogs will continue to be short and unillustrated for a little while yet but hopefully soon back to normal. I miss my nightly chats with the blog. The house is looking not too bad with all the de-cluttering, re-arranging and general sorting out. Once I can take phots again then there willbe plenty to show you!

I had one little I wanted to blog about (brag about??). We are off to the other house on hols shortly. My dad has been worrying about my little party will get to the airport. He wanted to drive us all up in his car. He & my mum will catch the train up when the fly a week later because dad is a retired train driver, so free tickets. However the train is too expensive for the rest of us (we all come back togther). We check out the bus. It would take 5 hours and cost a little over £100. Still a bit ouch for me. So I check out the airport parking on site. We used this last year and it cost £150. We didnt really have any other way of doing it last year but it was pretty pricey. However I checked out the Gatwick Parking website, just in case, and lucky I did. Summer special prices have given me a bargain parking deal of around half the amount I paid in the shame car park as last year. Which is cheaper than even one way on the bus. So we will take our own car up. It runs on LPG so minimal fuel cost (if you can ever say that in this country - petrol being £1.99 a litre for a while this week)and now minimal parking cost. Also we can be home and into our little beds in a more sociable time than the bus or train would allow.

One last chuckle before I go. I emailed my friend Sue in Crete to ask her if she can get the key to our house for Georgios the builder. That way we dont get in when we get there not adter we have tracked the builders down. Dont worry, says Sue, I saw your house today, you dont have any windows or doors yet so you really wont have any difficulty getting in!! I feel my friend Georgios the builder nmay have been involved in the building of the Olymipic stadium in Athens, which was also finished jsut in the nick of time.