Missing my laptop

I have two lovely new pieces of software to load and my laptop is still in the shop. I am currently using my husbands laptop as he is away on hols. However I got it for him for his birthday last year so that he could watch films and listen to audio books when he was away form home (he is dyslexic). I didn't really intend for it to be used for anything more complicated, so it doesn't have Microsoft office installed - which means I am not keeping up together with my to do lists or with money monitoring spreadsheets. I have decided not to load my new software onto it as it can barely manage to open AOL.

So my new software. I have purchased a copy of Microsoft money. A colleague recommended it to me when I talked about monitoring expenditure. My second disc contain four programmes. The first one is called Envelope plus. I have no idea what this is but I will experiment. The second programme on the disk is called Home Inventory. I believe it is an access based programme to list your material possession. I assume this is in case of needing to make an insurance claim. The third is called shopping assistant. I will wait and see the details of this one. The final one is called My Favourite Recipe Collection, which I hope is a way of me collecting all of my favourite recipes and being able to index them by type, ingredient etc. This is my reason for buying the disk. It was very reasonably priced though and included a 50% gift to charity, so I can have a nice warm glow at the same time.

I haven't much to report back about my weekend as I had another migraine and took to my bed like an old Victorian lady. My migraines are so often at weekends, I think they are telling me it is time to give up work. It has taken me until Sunday night to be fit enough to think. I have just realised that my home inventory software will be suitable for monitoring the DVD collection. I know it is a funny thing for someone who aspires to the simple live to have. As I mentioned, Beloved is dyslexic and films are his books, so he will watch the same ones many, many time over the years. He buys them at charity shops or I order them online for a bargain price for a treat for him sometimes. I have my books and it would be mean not to allow him his 'books' too.


  1. Have you come across sendit.com? I'm guilty of using them ~ my excuse: we have no TV. (We do, however have a TV licence, granted free to the disabled...)

  2. ~No, never heard of it. I will check it out, thank you.

    Best wishes


  3. I like sendit as it ships free to Ireland as well as the UK & I can pay in sterling or euros. The prices are quite good, too

  4. Just wondering the same thing
    Or is it a lack of the laptop blues??
    Take care


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