Friday, 13 June 2008

Price Book

Following on from yesterdays fright I have been reading Laura (Move to Portugal)discussing her Supermarket price comparisons.

I started work on a price book some time back but its all dreadfully out of date after the recent meteoric rise in prices. I have decided to copy Laura ( I do that quite often I notice - she's a very good role model and much more sensible than I am.) As soon as my own laptop comes back from the shop I will start over with the price book. I buy mainly basic foods; meat, veg, fruit, rice, flour, milk and the like which means that my best value shop might not be the same as another persons ( i do buy sliced wholemeal bread and pizzas as well because my breadmaker is hiding somewhere in the shed)so I have to do my own comparison rather than cribbing from somewhere else.

Before that I am making my weekend plans. Tomorrow is all of the usual cleaning jobs, washing and drying. After that, later Saturday or maybe Sunday I will spend some time in my garden. I need to get completely on top of things this weekend because I then have to get the suitcases out of the attic to plan what we can take with us to the Crete house. There wont be a spare inch in the cases if I have my way!


  1. Hello Lizzie
    Will you be limited to the 1 case per person and a 20kg/44lb per case limit?
    You might have to start leaving clothes in Crete so the case can be packed with other more essential items lol
    Take care

  2. Yes, thats the limit. I was thinking just that. The clothes dont take up so much room because it is hot there, usually, so everything is really lightweight. Not sure how much the boys will want to leave behind but I shall certianly be doing so. There are six of us in total so I think I should still get a few bits moved. Its the big stuff that will be a problem. Anyway, one step at a time.
    Have a nice weekend Cathy & see you later


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