Monday, 2 June 2008

Work Life Balance

I am not sure I am getting my work life balance quite right at the moment. I seem to just want to be at home. This isn't good as there is a lot more mortgage still to pay and anyway my job is important ( to me, of course, but also i think it matters in the grand scheme of things.)so I need to take myself in hand. I think my problem is just that I need a proper break from work. If I still feel the same way after my holiday then I need to take myself in hand. For the next few weeks I will indulge my 'housewife who happens to have to leave the house quite often' notion.

To set me on my way I have a days leave tomorrow. I intend to have a hair cut and to visit the doctor. I also plan to make a real start on my task list. I need to take my laptop to the shop too. In the afternoon I will make a couple of vats of different pasta sauces to keep us going for lunches and dinners this week. I will also buy a hippo bag to carry on the clear up operation in the back garden. Hippo have a really good reputation for recycling what they collect so all my old broken concrete and the like is going off to a new life. I also need to buy some batteries for the TV controller. We don't normally watch TV but without Beloved there is a quite long evening between end of pottering and beginning of sleep time. I will also patch the sofa covers. They look lovely now that they are dyed blue and they will look even better when the holes are patched! At least I had the sense to dye a cushion cover at the same time so I have a perfect peice of patching material available.


  1. Hello Lizzie

    What - no crazy paving in your back garden?? Lots for you do tho'

    Now if you ave any spare bricks going cheap I have a path that needs to be finished lol

    Thanks for popping in recently - love to get your comments.

    Take care

  2. Hi Cathy
    A big pile of bricks! Whole ones will build the new bbq but those too broken will have to go in the Hippo. I can mail you some if you have a big enough letter box!


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